I started Style Revelation inspired by the enormously successful “The Sartorialist”  fashion blog which simply shares photos of people seen on the streets of New York, Paris, London and Milan who exude effortless style.  I feel a connection with this blog as many other women in Queensland do. We have the creativity, glamour and sophistication just like all these worldly fashionistas and I think it should be shared.... maybe a little more uniquely though- after all we live in Far North Queensland! I’m the girl from the bush and the owner of Petticoat Lane a second hand vintage fashion boutique, selling high end designer styles making them accessible and affordable to every girl .  Like The Sartorialist I too felt a separation between what the high end companies were selling and what I was seeing real people wearing in real life. 
What is Petticoat Lane? Girls are able to recycle their loved but no longer worn fashion items giving them a new lease of life- eco friendly shopping at its best!  Through my cherished customers I see real fashion, fantastic creativity and amazing style which I think should be exposed.
Far North Queensland on our cattle station 'Capeville' with Indian Cote

Petticoat Lane’s idea grew from a heritage listed street in England; a fashion and clothing market located on Wentworth Street and Middlesex Street in East London. In 1608 it had become a commercial district where second hand clothing and bric-a-brac were sold and exchanged, known as 'Peticote Lane'. This Victorian theme inspired the design of the Petticoat Lane logo which lead to the heritage crests motto ‘Absolute Woman’.
Absolute Woman is an image that has been created by society, which women have had to subject themselves if they want to be ‘real’ women. ‘One is not born a woman - one becomes one’ is often quoted. Femininity is not reliant on biology, but is the product of culture i.e. the clothes she adorns. In order to be accepted as a woman it is not enough to have a woman’s body or to be feminine: you have to first meet the social demands of femininity.... fashion!

Petticoat Lane London late 1800

It's Petticoat Lanes four year anniversary and it’s hard to believe walking through the fashion districts of London and spending time in the eclectic Camden markets I found the inspiration that would one day encapsulate my dream.  I love the challenges of merchandising, promoting and brand building for my business.  Studying a bachelor of photography I knew somehow that my love of fashion and photography would eventually fuse.  Our photographic progression from website to Facebook would evolve into Petticoat Lanes Style Revelation blog. Not only will Style Revelation be shooting everyday people on the street but our approach will be on many different genres. Inspirational articles, customer creations in-store, vintage verses new fashion and exciting Petticoat Lane events. Style Revelation will introduce things that inspire us from patterns, colours and proportions.  We would like people to be inspired by seeing themselves and others in a new way that cleverly incorporates the Aussie sense of style.


Petticoat Lane Mothers Day vintage fashion show "A History of the Fashionable Lady" Grant Perigo Photography

photo by Rosanna Kersh

I hope you love our blog and continue to visit and contribute to bringing each and every Queensland fashion goddess to life!