Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cream of the Crop

Marissa, Emma, Maria
Calling all glamorous racegoers! I’ve heard about The Burdekin Grower Race Day and have no idea why I haven’t stepped out to this fantastic event before? When asked to be a judge of Fashions on the Field, it was a perfect excuse to have peek at what fashions were on offer. The Burdekin Grower Race Day is about making a Far North Queensland fashion statement while toasting Queensland’s finest locally grown produce (oh and there’s horse racing too). The fashion stakes run even higher with their massive prize pool (I have personally never seen so many sponsors and give aways) it puts Townsville Cup to shame....honestly

Pam Mann and partner
It’s a 1 hour trip so driving out at the speed of light trying to make the 12pm deadline for competitors (and I’m a judge!) was a panic! The buses were late so I’m glad I chose the ‘road trip’. So some girls didn’t make  sign up which was a shame but in saying that we looked at hundreds of fabulous outfits so we were spoilt for choice!
My meeting of Pam Mann one of the charismatic organises of the event was brief; this was going to set the pace for the day- intensely busy. Thankfully I was in excellent company with Maria Selwood of Vintage Rose Boutique and Marissa Gusmeroli from Shoedini. Our time together was mixed with sporadic fits of laughter and shock, tiresome waiting for missing finalists and excessive waves of awe-inspiring fashionistas. With gorgeous chocolates, gourmet sandwiches and much needed hits of champagne and Pasito soft drink helped make judging more streamline.
Weather conditions can play a huge roll in how content and wardrobe malfunction free your day is going to be.  Fashionistas worst nightmare.... wind! Thanks to the space constraints of my Toyota Echo I had to attach my fascinator at the event (never again). The result was a hysterical red bird ripping at my scalp trying to escape. This did not help with negotiating consistent pot holes, managing  a fascinator without destroying manicured hair and all while trying to look like a delicate petal who had done this a million times before. Lucky the fashion tent served as a welcome reprieve - red bird in check!

Burdekin Growers is a 3000 strong event, gone are the days where black was considered safe with Tropical North Queensland being a touch more relaxed with colour splashed everywhere! Note to girls that want to win Fashions on the Field Classic Race Wear, STOCKINGS ARE A MUST! Your chest can’t be exposed e.g. Like mine but I’m a judge I’m not competing. You can’t have your skirt so short that you have two hands holding it down for modesty and gloves are pretty important, its autumn/winter- wear closed in shoes but if you plan on entering the Innovative category it’s a little more lenient.

Innovative winners

Best Dressed Couple
Best Hat

For me it was my first judging role in Race Fashion and boy what a learning curve! I loved my responsibility and will never forget the experience. My challenge now is to win a fashions on the field. I have come close with 3rd and 2nd places but it’s time to step it up try for the 1st place. The competition will be fierce but I have my sketching book out and hatching plans for designing a winner. Look out Townsville Cup!

Classic Race Wear Winner

Thank you to my fellow judges Marissa and Maria, Lisa Todeschino who was the fabulous MC and the wonderful Jaclyn McDonald of Show Poni creating my gorgeous head piece. What a day!!
All these gorgeous photos were taken by Hayley Delaney of H. D Photography. Thank you Hayley for making my blog look so beautiful!  Hayley is one talented young lady please contact her for more information
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Decadent Decades

Blogging about so many events lately like the Royal Wedding, Logies and the Met Gala in New York now something that’s very close to home and my heart, I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Seeing these photos really does bring justice to all the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes. There's definitely a sense of whimsy in the air: embraced by the profusion of photographic moments guaranteed to take you far, far away with dainty fabrics spun into dreamy vintage dresses and dramatic contemporary evening wear. This fashion is alluring, so you’ll need to prepare for.... A History of the Fashionable Lady.

A History of the Fashionable Lady was a Mothers Day fashion show put on by the heritage listed The Brewery Townsville. The events coordinator Domenica Agostino  has been planning to do something with Petticoat Lane since our 300 strong event at Birch Carroll and Coyle for the premiere of Sex and the City June 2010. When Domenica first explained the concept it was something completely original and Petticoat Lane was probably the only boutique qualified to take on such a massive project- I was pretty excited about the challenge.
Petticoat Lane, Prophecy Hair and Urban Miss Makeup came together for a special show taking a vintage retrospect through the decades. Fashion like the roaring 20’s, glamorous 50’s, swinging 60’s, disco 70’s and the power dressing 80’s also include 3 contemporary categories- day wear, race wear and evening wear that utilize these past influences. Every era of fashion has a defining look which reflects and moulds fashion present and future. Women I think seek freshness but seem to be driven by the past allowing us the freedom to choose complex modern styles alongside revered vintage inspirations.

Fashion history would never be the same again after the 1950’s when teenagers became an emerging fashion voice. Far from being revolutionary and progressive, 1950’s bore strong nostalgic echoes of the past 

Fashionable hairstyles began with simple ponytails and ended the decade with complex beehive arrangements. Stars of the era were Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Brigette Bardot. The fashion craze of petticoats and poodle skirts lead the way to "wife dressing" housewives wanted to look their best while doing their women's work. The 1950's- birth of Rock 'n' Roll and the rule of the teenager. Gorgeous Katlyn is wearing an original 1950's swing dress.

The fashion revolution of the 1960's will always be remembered as the decade of change. If one word defines this era, its "liberation". First super model Twiggy helped define the 1960's with edgy baby doll look and Jackie Kennedy epitomised the era with aristocratic high fashion.
Our stunning model Emma Wilson in a orgnial 1960's mini dress imported from the USA

We had 5 special mannequins each with an example from each decade. 1950's gold slip dress, 1960's leather embroidered dress and a one of a kind 1970's Muu Muu from Miami

The image that promptly pops into our minds from the 'Roaring Twenties' is the flapper. A fashionable flapper had short sleek hair, a shorter than average shapeless shift dress, a chest as flat as a board, wore heavy make up and epitomised the spirit of a reckless rebel who danced the night away in the Jazz Age. The 1920's gave women the freedom to choose.

Our amazing model Lisa looked absolutely gorgeous in Petticoat Lanes show stopping 100% authentic 1920's flapper dress imported from an American museum. These dresses are extremely rare and it was an honour to have something so special in the show in such excellent condition. Thanks to a local milliner Jaclyn McDonald Show Poni creating a beautiful head piece to compliment the outfit perfectly

3 contemporary outfits which encompass the decades before. Art deco inspired wedding dress, 1980's lace and ruffles race wear and the Easton Pearson boyfriend jacket and Hussy corset mini inspired by 1970's Yves St Laurent and 1920's detailing. This photo is a great moment before the girls went on stage. Brooke, Brittney and Dani

One of the young fashionistas at the show who wasnt entirely happy with my cold champagne hands. I absolutely love her dress!
Our wonderful MC for the day Michael Nelson with Domenica giving away some fabulous products from Eclogite Skin care
Channel 7 interview with Domenica

Gorgeous fascinator Millennium Race Wear  by Show Poni

The lovely Brittney, Katlyn and Emma

1980's was fashion influenced by a huge economic boom. Power dressing with excess jewellery -think Madonna, leg warmers, lace and Flash Dance. 1980's big was best- fashion and hair styles grew larger to match the expanding economic climate. Our stunning model Sherie Wilcox rockin it out in Petticoat Lanes original 1980's sequin party dress complete with over the top shoulder pads and heavy beading

The lovely Brooke looks breathtaking in this heavily embellished wedding dress by Designer Manu. The gorgeous fascinator is by Show Poni

The 1970's were a restless time there were critical of the status quo, questioned traditional authority and social hierarchies. This was clearly evident in women’s style. They chose who they wanted to be, and if they felt like wearing a short mini-skirt one day and jumpsuit the next that’s what they did. 1970's escapism- The colourful hippie bohemian vibe, from flares and suede jackets to Kaftans’ and statement Jewellery. It was the antidote for past constraints. This my favourite outfit 100% authentic 70's disco diva jumpsuit worn by the gorgeous Hannah.

I couldnt have done this with out the help of these amazing girls. I really appreciate all their help making this show so unique
I would like to thank The Brewery for giving me this amazing opportunity working with such talented people. The behind the scenes production for the hair, makeup and the superb Brewery service was outstanding- I was extremely impressed. This wasn’t just a unique Mothers Day Fashion Show but an event for a local charity helping Yasi victims raising over $3000- making the event even more special