Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Looking back over the last year (trolling through my retrospect) I found that the life explanations I was demanding for what works weren’t working. This is because I was avoiding the nuance in exchange for simplicity.
Have I lost the excitement of drowning in details?
It would take less than 5 minutes for any high profile chef to critique the points of what makes a great meal and a musician to explain what would make a hit record.
Yet your boss keeps asking you to explain your whole plan in three Powerpoint slides
Richard Branson is famous for saying “Complexity is your enemy, any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.”
Skipping the complicated, time consuming part of your work/life can be at your own risk. Exposure to nuance can be a great test with gaining a better knowledge of your failures and victory’s
2013-I dont really believe in new year resolutions but I think it's important to take more delight in getting lost in the nuance and when needed.... keeping it simple stupid.